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Why Get a Free Estimate

We feel very strongly about providing in-person, free estimate. In fact, even if you don’t decide to choose us, we would advise you not to accept a phone quote on garage door repair or garage door opener service from anyone.

Here’s why.

There are over 53 moving parts on your door and opener. It is impossible to determine what "bad" or "problem" parts exist over the phone.

Most of the time, a price quoted over the phone will change when the technician inspects your door and opener.

When you receive a free, in-person estimate from Action Garage Door, our technician will physically show you any faulty parts. There is NO PRICE GOUGING. All prices are quoted straight from our price book. Honesty and safety are our Number One priority.

The price a technician gives you is exact, not an estimate. If we can earn your business at that time, we fix the problem immediately. If not, we leave the free estimate with you and will stand by the price if you decide to call us.

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