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August 3, 2007

To: Gary Staats Owner of Action Garage Door

My name is Bert Dixon and I recently have had the need of installing a new garage door at my residence in Plano. After searching the web I found that your company Action Garage Door had the best prices and could help me with the measurements immediately. Your dispatcher sent out a man by the name of Matt to do the measurements. Matt was very professional and took the time to listen to me and match up what I wanted with what you had in stock and not try to up sell me. He did on the other hand make mention of a few add-ons that would add to the functionality of my new garage door. Which I appreciate, however I did decline at this time. I’m sure you can agree that life is too busy to argue with someone about what you want as opposed to what they would like to sell you. Matt is a good salesman and very knowledgeable in your business.

I would now like to make mention of the reason I was prompted to write this letter. My wife and I decided to go ahead and get the install on our new garage door done as soon as possible and your company was able to send someone out the very next day. You sent a man by the name of Gustavo. Gustavo was very polite and a very hard worker. He is one of the best I have seen. This man did not waste one move. If he had to ask me something he did it as he worked, and did not miss a beat. It was a pleasure to watch him work; he is very methodical and knowledgeable. I have been in construction all my life and have managed work sites around the world for the U.S. Government as well as for other Governments. I have had hundreds of workers under me and I know a good worker when I see one. My wife and I own a business now and we are always on the look out for people that not only know how to work but show it on a regular basis. You have an incredible worker with Gustavo. A man with his drive, know how and shear desire is a rarity. Take care of him and he will make your company strong.

I will in the future exclusively use your company for all my garage door needs as well as pas your number to friends and family.

Thank you for your time,


May 15, 2007

Action Door
C/o Mr. Vester Gandy, Operations Mgr
1224 Millard Dr
Plano, TX 75074

RE: Garage Door Installation.

Mr. Gandy,

My sincere thanks for your prompt response to my complaint regarding installation of the garage door at my residence on April 24th.

The service technician, Dean Kettle, sent to inspect and determine the problem arrived promptly. He was very professional as he inspected the area and noted the essential work in the initial installation hadn’t been completed. He did an outstanding job in completing the work.

Again, thank you.


V. Page

January 7, 2006

To: Action Door

I would like to express my gratitude to your company for the prompt and efficient care I received from your company.

I would recommend your company to others without reservation!


September 7, 2004

Action Garage Door Repair Specialists
1224 Millard Drive
Plano, TX 75074

Re: Garage Door Service

I just wanted to thank you for the quick response I received today when calling for service on my garage door. I would especially like to commend your service technician, who helped me with both garage doors and openers.

The technician was very informative. He did not "sell" me, but provided guidance on how I could best keep my doors in safe, operational order for the long term. The job was quick and went very smoothly.

Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service. In the future, I will be sure to recommend Action Door to any of my friends and neighbors seeking a good garage door repair specialist.



August 29, 2002

Action Door & Repair
1224 Millard
Plano, TX 75074

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to compliment your technician for the professional service that he provided during the installation of our new Liftmaster Professional Garage Door Opener. I don’t recall enjoying a service technician, of any kind, more than I enjoyed this technician. He was knowledgeable, enjoyable, friendly, efficient, and professional. He took great pride in performing his work. Unfortunately, that is the rare exception in today’s world, and I appreciate him for that. He is a great ambassador for your company. The flip side of that is that now I am spoiled—if I ever need garage door service, I will need him to do the work.

I don’t like spending money. But at least by having this technician talk me into getting the top-of-the-line model, and after seeing him do the work, at least I feel good about it.



June 2, 2002

Action Door
1224 Millard
Plano, TX 75074

Dear Sirs:

I recently purchased a twenty-five year old home, and found that just about everything was on the verge of needing repair or replacement. When the time came for the garage door to go, I called the Carrollton Farmers Branch location of Action Door, upon the recommendations of my aunt. With a myriad of repairs and repair people under my belt, I have become an expert of sorts.

The reason for this letter is to tell you what an exceptional experience it was to work with Action Door. When I called, I was told that a service person would be out that same day, and would call prior to arrival. The amazing part is that is exactly what happened. When he arrived, he was personable, pleasant, professional, and efficient. He quickly determined the problem, showed me the cause and how the results affected the operation of my door, thoroughly explained the possible solutions along with their up and down sides and prices, and answered all of my questions.

His first consideration in determining a repair timeframe was my schedule. As it was a holiday weekend, we came up with a couple of possible scenarios, and he promised to call early Tuesday to confirm. As promised, early Tuesday morning, the technician called with a plan for the repair. He explained the process and suggested how he could access the garage and obtain payment in my absence. The best part – when I arrived home about 11:00 pm Wednesday, tired from work and traveling and unsure as to what I would find – the garage door worked like a dream.

By far, this has been the easiest, most pleasant repair experience I have ever had. I will recommend Action Door to anyone. My only suggestion is that you write a service-provision and customer-care manual for other companies to follow. Action Door has truly set the standard!



May 16, 2002

Action Door & Repair Specialists
1224 Millard
Plano, Texas 75074

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in regards to the service that was recently done to my garage door. The technician was friendly, courteous, and very informative. I felt like he was very concerned for my safety and for the safety of my family. He then gave me a brochure about taking care of my garage door and my responsibility as a homeowner


In addition, he took the time to answer my questions and concerns. These days it is very hard to find good, quality employees that take pride in their work, so I would encourage you to take good care of this technician. I do not know what kind of awards your company gives out, but employee of the year would be a good start. It has been a long time since I have come across someone so proud of their work and their company. Thank you for your time, and I hope you pass this along to your technician.



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