More than just a Design Studio.

Why? Our motto used to be "An Evolution in Design," but the web has evolved. No longer can a business get by with just having a pretty site or app. To be a force in today's online world, your business must leverage a lean and powerful User Experience that helps the user achieve their goal. Whether that goal is a sale or simply laying eyes on your site, we at Aurora Digital understand how to get there.

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Who We Are

Aurora Digital Studios is a web design company that offers quality Web Design Services, Dallas Web Design and Dallas App Web Development Services. Aurora Digital Studios provides web design services for the Dallas and Ft. Worth metroplex area but also offers services worldwide. We supply quality and affordable web development services to individuals and businesses, both large and small. To learn more about our web design and development services, please see our services section.

The Team

Our team is small and tightknit. We believe that's our greatest strength—we work as a cohesive unit to deliver the best product possible at an affordable rate. As for who we are and what our backgrounds consist of, we're five strong with decades of combined experience working on projects for the following companies:

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What We Do

What makes us more than just a design or web development shop? Our love for bold ideas and our savviness for web marketing is what sets us apart. We won't launch your site and say good luck; we want to help your business or endeavor succeed just as badly as you do. Simply put, we'll go that extra mile to make it happen. SEO Campaign? Check. Social Engineering? Check. Well, you get the idea...

Of course you're thinking, "What kind of services will I receive?" Take a look:

The Code

Our team utilizes the latest and greatest in HTML5, Modern CSS (utilizing your choice of LESS or SASS), JavaScript (JQuery not your thing? How about some Angular or Backbone?), PHP (framework or custom-built) and MySQL (optimized to perfection). At the core, we're a Full Stack Development Team that has quite the versatile skill-set, from fixing your nagging maintenance-related website bugs to building sophisticated Enterprise Applications.

The Strategy

The first task in building a website is defining the overall strategy and approach. Strategy has touch points in every phase, from UX to HTML, all the way down to the marketing plan. We begin with a set, appropriate strategy that will lay the groundwork for your successful online endeavors.

The Marketing

From social media engineering to the promotion of pay per click advertising, we have the tools and knowhow to establish a marketing plan that will drive business to your site on a consistent basis. Our deep understanding of Analytics and Lead Generation will be your greatest asset in fortifying your business's marketing.

The Mobile Optimization

Responsive Web Design: It's all the rage and for good reason. If your site isn't responsive, then it may as well be living in the '90s. Plain and simple, having an unresponsive website is one of the best ways to lose your business. Google now sees a site's responsiveness as one of the most important factors in determining the site's ranking. We have deep knowledge on making your site or app visible on most devices, and we are also committed to thorough testing (Natively, VM, BrowserStack, etc.).


By now, if you don't know that you need strong Search Engine Marketing in order to gain the upper hand over your competition, then you’ve probably been under a rock for the past 10 or so years. As with the aforementioned marketing, SEO plays one of the largest, if not most important, roles in your website's progression. It's all about producing accurate and informative content that your viewers demand, which we can provide via content writing services, code optimization and better targeting.

The Ideas

What's a website without the right idea? Many people develop ideas, but a lot of the time these ideas don't work because they've either been already been done or done incorrectly. We employ a two-phase approach: first, analyze the originality of your idea and plan a capitalization strategy on the market, and second, if the idea exists, we determine whether or not the investment is worth your time and effort and provide information on the best possible approach to the market.

The Creativity

Are you a fan of fancy graphics? Of slick effects and transition? Or are you more traditional, loving the feel of a beautifully designed business card? Our team is chockfull of creative members that can provide you with that fresh and modern look you've been missing. From a Lean UX website to all your printed collateral needs, we'll turn your desires into something tangible. Of course, we'll provide our expertise every step of the way to show you the latest trends so you can impress your audience while staying one step ahead of the competition.

The Maintenance

Ah, the cumbersome task of keeping a website or web application online—it's a much-needed part in keeping your business online, which ties into nearly every core tenet of the web covered thus far. Whether the site's small or large, there's always going to be some level of upkeep needed. The good news is that we have a number of maintenance plans that fit all of our service offerings, so you won't have to lift a muscle—well, other than maybe clicking your mouse a few times to see said updates.

The Work that Sets Us Apart

Our work defines who we are. Most of our work has been done for local Dallas area companies and Dallas Ad Agencies that makes it difficult to show so here are a few examples of our work that we are able to showcase publicly. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to take a peek at our expanded portfolio.

WSM Tactical, LLC. is an online gun store and manufacturer of custom armaments. The site was built on Magento 1.x with a variety of 3rd party plugins integrated to improve overall UX. The largest accomplishment within this project was creating custom datafeeds that pull product from Supplier databases and imports product into the Magento storefront. Other duties included custom JavaScript and JQuery development services. Aurora Digital provides ongoing Hosting, Site Maintenance, Marketing, Social and SEO services for WSM Tactical.


A gaming community, gaming event directory, and gaming news portal, Gamerz Unite is a fully responsive website that utilizes PHP/MySQL to serve its data from a modified Invision Power Board installation. Custom JavaScript and JQuery scripts were written to fix various 3rd party plugin issues (Facebook & YouTube embeds). Gamerz Unite is a great case study of ours from a Web Marketing and SEO perspective. Aurora Digital manages all site content updates, user analytics, social management, PPC campaigns, and general web maintenance of the aforementioned technologies on a day-to-day basis.


Amber Michelle Salon is a salon local to the Dallas / Ft. Worth area in which we were responsible for repairing a number of site defects that prevented the site from viewing well in certain resolutions and devices. We also actively maintain and update its overall web presence and look forward to updating the site's look and feel in the future.


The City of Canton Mississippi's Economic Development web site was developed for the purpose of promoting the city and what it could offer potential businesses who chose to move their operations to the city. The site also provides a property listing database built on PHP/MySQL using the Doo Framework. The site was built in 2010, just before Responsive web sites became the norm so this was our last non-responsive site to go online and is currently maintained by the City of Canton.


Studer Schild is a rather new and modern watch line that Aurora Digital is responsible for branding. Studer Schild is a partially responsive website that utilizes PHP/MySQL to serve its data from a custom built CMS. The CMS allows Studer Schild employees to enter all watch assets and data into their online watch catalogue with ease. Direction was also provided for various photography that was done to better capture the brand. Aurora Digital is also responsible for the brand’s Facebook design.


The Duboule Collection is a watch brand based on Martin Duboule original watch designs from the early 16th century. Duboule is a partially responsive website that utilizes PHP/MySQL to serve its data from a custom built CMS. Like previous portfolio entries, the CMS allows employees to enter watch assets and data into the online catalogue in just a few simple steps. Several JQuery plugins and custom JavaScript were written for the presentation of the site's content. Aurora Digital is the designer for their Facebook page.


Of course, these samples are only a glimpse of our work. If you are interested in viewing our expanded portfolio, please make contact with us.

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