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There are two types of spring systems - Torsion and Extension.

Springs are under high tension and the National Safety Council WARNS that only qualified individuals should adjust them.

Torsion Springs

Action Garage Door Torsion SpringsTorsion springs – our area of expertise – are mounted on a metal tube above the door on the wall. The tube has drums on either side to roll up the cable and lift the door. The springs unwind and lose power as the door goes overhead and loses weight. The rate at which this happens is called Inch Pounds Per Turn ("I.P.P.T.").

The I.P.P.T. is based on the height of the door, weight of the door, radius of the tracks and radius of the drums and must be within 3 percent of the required number to have the door work properly and balance throughout its travel. Most manufacturers distribute 10,000 cycle springs with new garage doors. This means you can open and close your door 10,000 times before you can anticipate one or more of your springs to break.

We recommend replacing these stock, 10,000-cycle springs with a galvanized extended life 25,000-cycle spring that we warranty for Life. Beware of novice service technicians that cannot manipulate the life cycle while staying within 3 percent of the required I.P.P.T. for the door.

Extension Springs

Action Garage Door Extension SpringsThere are two types of Extension spring systems. The first is for sectional garage doors that open straight up and curl overhead in four or five sections. The springs are mounted from the ceiling support above the horizontal track and extend toward the opening as the door closes. This extension system uses pulleys to route a cable from each side of the door to the spring and back to the track. As your door closes, the springs stretch toward the door opening.

The second type is for one-piece doors. A one piece door swings outward as it goes up and overhead. Springs will be on the sides of the door opening - about waist high. The springs are mounted to a lever and bracket system that extend the springs toward the ceiling when the door is closing. This system is very dangerous and not manufactured anymore. If you have a one piece-door with a broken spring, you should seriously consider door replacement.

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