Welcome to the Rankin County Emergency Management website. This site is designed to be a resource guide for the citizens of Rankin County to enable the county’s residents to become better prepared for both natural and man made disasters.
Each day somewhere in the county a disaster strikes. While some of these disasters are man made such as hazardous materials accidents on our highways and railroads others are natural disasters such as flash flooding and tornadoes. Whether the disaster is man made or an act of nature Rankin County Emergency Management has been designated as the agency responsible for coordinating the county’s actions to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from these disasters.
It is the Mission of the Rankin County Emergency Management Agency to reduce the loss of life and property and protect citizens from all types of hazards by operating and maintaining a comprehensive all-hazard state-of-the-art emergency management infrastructure. The agency accomplishes this by taking an active role in each of the four phases of emergency management and applying them throughout the county.
Phases of Emergency Management:

Mitigation – Includes any activities that prevent a disaster, or reduce the chance of a disaster happening, or reduces the damaging effects of unavoidable disasters.

Preparedness – Includes plans or preparations made to save lives or property as well as enhance the response and rescue operation.

Response – Includes actions taken to save lives and prevent property damage and to preserve the environment during emergencies or disasters. The response phase includes implementing the plans developed during the preparedness phase.

Recovery – Includes actions that assist a community to return to a sense of normalcy following a disaster.

Each phase of emergency management intertwines with the next phase creating an ever changing cycle of emergency management.